Hudson Rouge asked me to create a film about ’60-in-60,’ a once-a-year, breakneck-fast creative night thrown by Austin-based arts group Fusebox and sponsored by Lincoln. Because the format of the event dictates that each of the sixty performers gets a single minute, we challenged ourselves to create a minute long film that would encompass the entire story. Driven by a ferocious percussive performance by Graham Reynolds, the film juxtaposes artists rehearsing in Austin-centric locations and the actual 60-in-60 performance.


Directed by Julian King
Cinematography by Chris Greco
Edited by Khyber Jones
Sound Mix by Omar Jon Ajluni
Line Producer: Anna Pittman
Executive Producer: Jeremy Yaches

Featuring: Graham Reynolds, Errin Delperdang, Katalena Hernandez, Brad Carlin, Ron Berry